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Memory for Forgetfulness
August, Beirut, 1982
Translated from the Arabic by
Ibrahim Muhawi
University of California Press
ISBN : 0-520-08767-4
The Adam of Two Edens
Syracuse University Press and Jusoor
Edited by Munir Akash & Daniel Moore
Syracuse, New York 13244-5160
Publication Date : 2000   
                             Unfortunately It was Paradise
Translated and edited by Munir
Akash and Carolyn Forché with
Sinan Antoon and Amira El-Zein
Publication Date: January 2003
The Raven's Ink.
Translated and Edited by:
Munir Akash, Carolyn Forche
Amira Al-Zein and Sinan Antoon
Published by the Lannan Foundation





                             Why did You Leave the Horse Alone
First published in Arabic in 1995
Translated from the Arabic by Jeffrey Sacks
Archipelago Books 2006
25 Jay street, # 203 Brooklyn, NY 11201
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